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Mistura — U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur

Mistura (a duo who writes songs in Maltese) approached me…

Mistura (a duo who writes songs in Maltese) approached me to design the sleeve of their freshly-recorded album ‘U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur’ back in March last year. Having had the privilege to be one of the first to listen to their album, I wanted to create an evocative visual which would complement their style of music. U d-Dinja Tkompli Ddur roughly translates to ‘The World continues to rotate’ in a kind of ‘life goes on’ mantra. The album is lyric-heavy in a positive way. The duo decided to draw lyrics from one of their songs to divide the album into four sections, just like a day: Morning, afternoon, evening, night. Without falling into cliches, I wanted to represent these four quadrants of time visually. 
After some trials, I decided to experiment with long-exposure photography (which was inspired by the intricate guitar solos on the record). The light paintings I created were used to represent the light, the brightness of the world. The other photograph used was that of trees, shot from below using a wide-angle lens. The trees represent the darkness of the world. I also chose the trees since they reminded me of the album’s raw and earthed sound — devoid of any unnatural effects. The blending of ‘light’ and ‘darkness’ resulted in an image which I could manipulate to show the passage of time — hence the final patterns created were those which are reminiscent of a kaleidoscope.